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OUGD603: SAC Ampleforth (Identity) // Flyer Design

The design of the flyer is meant to be easily adaptable, seasonally. So, if it were winter and they goal was to appeal to body builders, you would introduce a different background image, then add different text. 

The image used above is the same model who appears as the silhouette behind the class icons. Coloured in a duotone fashion, using the brand colours, the light and the dark green, to assure consistency within the visual identity. 

A badge has been mocked up to advertise an incentive for someone to become a member at SAC. An offer of one month free membership. Based on the concept similar to LA Fitness

The typography has been created to work with the brand guideline's rules, and fit to the grid system applied to the A5 flyer document. I also spaced the first line of type to cover the models face. Doing so will allow the audience to imagine their own face being there. Which would associate the gym with success, with their goals. 

Finished flyer. 

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