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OUGD603: Design Publication & Brief 09 - Coffee Culture (Website) UX in Navigation

The navigation for websites is important, how a user will engage and experience with a website is fundamental consideration when you embark upon designing a website. 

As my website is to be a single page format, a scrolling method would work best, particularly power scrolling. Which jumps the user to points in the page, automatically, without need for scrolling manually. 

The image above uses a mouse icon to show that the website is scrollable, using a slightly heavier weighted stroke to bring the scrolling wheel to the centre of focus, within the icon. 

Another way of navigating down through the website is using the arrow keys, to jump to each section of the website, efficiently with a tap of a button.

To accompany the scrolling, a side bar outlining the different sections is also useful. It allows for quick navigation being able to jump several sections quickly and efficiently.

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