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OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Logo Development

Based on the shield design which I sketched previously, I've begun to develop the logo further to see if anything can come from this direction. For the sake of diversity, I will develop one of the other routes to see how that fares. 

Using the Fibonacci system, a range of golden ratio circles have been used to construct the shape of the shield. Designing in black and white – as a logo/symbol must work in black and white! 

Slowing working in additional elements to the logo, adding all the required elements such as the tag line and the establishment date. Using a darker shade on one half of the shield to create a 3D sense of depth within the logo. 

However, I wasn't happy with the shape, it didn't look too sheild-y. 

So using the same fibonacci system, I attempted to make another shield, which looked much more like a shield. 

Using the Draplin design method, slowing adding elements to the logo, duplicating it, then applying more elements. I began to add additional elements, such as the banner – when has been distorted to make it seem like it's been draped across the shield. 

My research led me to explore patterns on the shield, to fill in the empty space in the background, to avoid looking plain. Experimenting with patterns such as a pump clip – which looked very over the top and more generic patterns, such as the tiled cubes, which looked the best, so I used it as a placeholder for the further design. 

Adding additional elements to the logo, such as the full title, and establishment dates. Also experimenting the how the banner sits of the logo. 

I think that it would be best to explore another option, these looks feel quite weak, and generic, without any personality. 

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