OUGD603: Brief 5 - No. 7 Antiques // Further Logo Development

Following the logo development in a previous post, I began to make more tweaks to the logo, in a similar style to before – duplicating a logotype, making an alteration and then duplicating it again. 

I first added in a sense of alignment to the logo, how it sits on the page. The spacing displayed above using a gird system to show how it works. 

I then tightened up the kerning across the board, making the spacing between the 'No' and the '7' tighter, and tweaking that of the 'Antiques'. 

Adding a serif to the 7, which worked in another variation of the logo, and it seems to fit really well here. It adds a rustic old feel to the type, pulling it away from the modern clean san serif font. 

On the back of wanting to create more of a distressed look to the typography, I added a distressed texture to the font, which created worn look – giving the logo some history, like the antiques which would be sold within the shop. 

OUGD603: Brief 5 - No. 7 Antiques // Logo Development

Since I've not really touched this brief in around a month, I decided to have a quick logotype critique.  Looking at the logotypes with fresh eyes, I should be able to spot any issues pretty quickly, before I go back to make any changes. 

Issues with spacing, the kerning between the I and the Q needs tightening up. The spacing between the zero and it's stroke need sorting, perhaps making it half the spacing of the vertical space between the N and the zero. 

Because of the angles of the 7 and the A, are both leaning to the right, the kerning need tightening up a lot, so the space between the two letterforms appears equal. I'm not sure the block filled EST works either, as it's very overpowering. 

Perhaps making the close together serifs into a ligature, which would perhaps make the type flow better – something which I picked up from Chris Murphy during the Work in the Web workshop. 

Adjusting the spacing between the veracity aligned, centred logos so they work coherently based of some sort of formula. 

More kerning tweaks – the spacing between the 0 and the 7 need tightening up. 

No massive overhauls, just small things which could be altered to improve the overall aesthetics of the design. 


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