OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Identity Guidelines 01

Before I can create any of the collateral for Coffee Culture, now that the logo and colour scheme have been decided, I need to create the identity guidelines, which will dictate how the rest of the design work will look and function, so it all works together as a set. Identity guidelines are also useful if another designer or individual were to do work for Coffee Culture they would know how to keep to the style.

To mix things up I decided to make the booklet A5 landscape, which I don't often do. I plan on using a ring binding or something similar if I am to print this off, so I've created a decent sized margin on the inside of the spreads so none of the content is lost. 

The logo has been inverted to it's secondary colour, the slightly off-white, white. Which then sits on a soft focus background, as not to distract from the content, and so the sub heading below the logotype is readable. 

OUGD603: Misc Briefs // Intern Magazine Workshop

We had a workshop with the creator in Intern Magazine, we were asked to create a concept for a magazine which would be individual and different in comparison to other magazines out there. I worked with Grace, Adam, Laura and Sophie

Here are some sheets of ideas which we mind mapped, to come to our concept...

We ended up creating an educational magazine which was aimed at children between 8-12, the curious age where you want to learn about the world and beyond. Each bimonthly edition would cover a different subject. The imagery and typography used was mature enough to attract adults to buy the mag, but colourful enough for the children to want it. 

Mock up of the cover


OUGD603: Brief 14 - Something More // Interim Critique Session

We had a interim crib session with Something More, were 'everyone' who had been given City Council were asked to attend. Those who attended, were able to bounce some ideas off one another to get a better idea of what we were doing.

We each presented our own individual ideas, none of which were bad, and we received peer feedback, and feedback from Something More.

  • The workers and members of the city council, in some cases, are unsung heroes, doing things which benefit the community without recognition in most cases.
  • Negative connotations of the council typically overshadow the positive things, which are vast. It would work to promote and bring the positive aspects of the council into the public eye to a greater extent. 
  • Remove the boring negative connotations from the image of the council and make it less corporate, more human - less like a business, more like an organisation which has one goal; to benefit the community.
  • Think about the name, it doesn't have to be called a council, it can be called something more appropriate if applicable, something which reflects the direction we're taking this brief. 

The deadline for which is on the 8th of December. 

OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth Identity Guideline Research

Top type
Bottom type

OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth // Collateral Planning

Based on my primary research, visiting St. Alban's Sport Centre, Virgin Active, and my secondary research looking at other sports centres and health clubs, I've developed an idea of the collateral which would be required and appropriate for the identity of SAC - as a minimum. 

Core Collateral
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines and Colour Schemes (which will dictate the rest of the design)
  • Class Logos
  • Advertising and Promotion (in the form of digital flash banners and social tiles)
  • Way-finding (in the form of interior and exterior identity application)
  • Stationery (Business Cards, Letterheads, Application forms, Staff ID, Key Fob)
  • Staff Uniforms
On paper, I can appreciate this doesn't look like a massive amount, however I plant to push the identity application within the sports club to it's full extent. 

OUGD603: Brief 14 - Something More // Council Research

For the start of this project I wanted to get an idea of what cities councils actually do, because I really don't know at this stage. I think my lack of understanding could be fed into the brief at a later stage, as I feel this branding and identity brief is pushing more towards promoting the positive aspects of the council, as they're often over looked. 

I looked at the council for my home city, York. Their home page displayed the vast range of things which they do to benefit the city - and some other useful links. 

The negatives typically seem to over shadow the positives. Looking back to last year, when the council closed a bridge, Lendal Bridge, and placed a charge for crossing it in a car, which turned out they had no right to do. Which lead to them refunding all those charged - this massively overshadowed any positive development or events in the city.

  • Managing the city, it runs, it work
  • Recycling - the city's green policy
  • City Development - The future of the city's appearance and functionality
  • Schools
  • Heritage - which is extremely important in cities like York
  • Travel - public transport, which can also be a negative, however that's typically not completely down to the council
  • Health and Wellbeing - Hospital, sporting events such as the York 10K
  • Power
  • Taxes
  • Travel

The corporate controlling nature of the council is really makes people want to avoid dealing and interacting with them. I think the rebranding should be an attempt to rectify this. 

The brand should be about looking towards the future, the projects, the development and the ideas which will transform the city in a positive manner. Impactful, for the better good - rather than trying to impair society. 

OUGD603: Brief 10 - Japan Rugby World Cup // Logo Development

I began to work on the logo for the world cup today. The research I've previously conducted has lead to the initial design work, which is really just playing with some ideas at this stage - nothing too refined. Ewan and I are working separately at this point, and then we will come together to combine our idea, or pick the best one.

I sketched out the rugby world cup trophy, and some Japanese type which just says rugby - also playing with other Japanese symbolism such as the rising sun and temple/dojo/houses. Just to get a feel of some things we could incorporate. 

And a Japanese Pavilion. 

Because I can imagine we'll be using the trophy at some point during the design phase, I Neubau'd the outline of the trophy in Adobe Illustrator. Which I can then give to Ewan if need be later on in the design phase, if he needs it. 

From some initial research, we've noticed that Japanese type is written in a number of different manner, but to make it more distinctive in comparison to how we as westerners write, from left to right, we are going to use from top to bottom. The Japanese also write from right to left, however, western developed eyes might struggle to read from right to left. 

The type above reads 'Rugby World Cup Japan'. However, this is quite long winded, especially for a logotype. A shortened version would be more appropriate. 

This is a shorter version, the type simply reads 'rugby', however if you were to say what the icon is it would read as 'Rugby World Cup Rugby', which doesn't make sense. 

The version above reads 'Rugby World Cup Japan', if you read it with the symbol, which works better in my opinion. The logo is very simple, but that's no different from previous RWC logos in the past, as my research has shown. I still want to develop this further, perhaps experiment and play with the typography. 

On the back of this, I created a look and feel image, to show how the type might sit - this isn't final.

OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth // Logo and Colour Development

Following the logo development and the colour selection, I applied these to the version of the logo which I will probably end up going with, unless I get chance to refine it again. The colour were developed on Coolors which was featured in the colour development post

The colours have just been taken from there and applied to the logo.

In the past week, following the talk from Something Moresee relevant post here, where they discussed the brand from a wider stand point. I wanted to capture SAC Ampleforth as a more natural movements kind of sports company, using the body for what it was intended to do. I think the greens represent this, greens are natural colours, associated with the outdoors and the environment around us. Which tie in to the proposed brand ethos which I want to convey.  

The two logo colour schemes above will form the basis and the majority of the brand colours - the other colours may come in at a later point, more classes for example.

OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Collateral Planning

Whilst I was designing the logo, I was thinking about collateral I could produce for Coffee Culture - based of my research. The collateral must contain all the basic existing elements, but I also want to add some more exciting different elements to the shop which will enhance the experience - add some joy, whilst keeping the existing atmosphere.

I mapped out some ideas which I've been thinking about for the duration of this project. From this point, I will probably move onto the brand guidelines, as these will dictate the look and feel for the rest of the brand. 

Things I forgot to include:
  • Loyalty Cards,
  • Website (which is in another brief)
  • Advertising
  • Way finding
  • uniforms
I also threw together using a mock up I had on my desktop to sort of start the project off.

OUGD603: Brief 14 - Design Something More // Briefing and Talk

Something More

  • Used to work at Elmwood
  • How can we make brands better?
  • A brand is standing for something
  • Also referred to as a reason to believe big ideas and values.
  • A brand doesn't have to be about the object, it could be about the ideas around the object, the morals and the ethics for example.
  • Not about the logo, about everything around it
Stand for something + wonderful experience = people care

  • Brands which are a wonderful experience make our lives better
  • Products can be similar, but it's how you look at it which defines it and sets it apart.
  • Design is an opportunity to make a difference
  • Do things in a way which makes interest, it will create an impact
  • You gravitate to what you know

Rethink the brands of today and make them better. 

Define, Create and Build.

I was given;

OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Further Logo Development

Completing the logo for this project will allow me to move forward and start the rest of the identity project. As this is the main part of the brief, and it's important I get it right. 

The first logotype variation uses purely typography at different point sizes to establish a hierarchy within the logo, drawing attention to the central type, which displays the business' name. However, I do think the spacing is off on this version - the leading looks quite restricted. 

I implemented the fibonacci system, the golden ratio, on this logo to get the spacing, and it does look aesthetically pleasing, however, I still think it looks very restricted. 

Another logotype which is very basic. The type has been aligned in so aspects of the type above align with aspects of the type from below. However, as a whole the logo does not work for a coffee shop. 

You can see how the guides have been used to align the type.

A simple version of the logo - again, it doesn't really hit me as a coffee shop at all. It needs something in there which resinates coffee, a symbol or something. 

The existing logo uses a triangle to contain an illustration, I tried to add the triangle to the logotype to work as a symbol. I'm not sure this works however, once again, it doesn't really resinate coffee.

Following some experimentation, seen in a previous post, using Latte Art. Arching the type above the  font in a smaller point size, which established hierarchy. At this point there's no reason to really arch the type, as it's not over something which the type needs to clear, and there's nothing to mirror it, which would balance the type. 

Adding a second layer of type below the name with some additional info mirrors the top text, balancing the type. Which makes the design more aesthetically pleasing. 

I then tried removing the warp, to see how it looked - and in fact, I think it looks better, much cleaner and simpler. Although I'm not sure which works the best for the brand. I'm going to organise and impromptu crit. 

OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Latte Art Experimentation

Looking at the latte art in the previous posts, I would like to reflect that as the symbol for the company, which will work in tandem with the logotype. 

The first set I created were traced directly from the top of a latte, I traced one half then mirrored the other, so the illustration is symmetrical. It looks quite traditional, however it does look quite steered towards females, due to the love heart heading the art. Perhaps a more unisex version would be beneficial. 

This version of the latte art looks decent, the circle around the edge reflects the edges of the coffee cup. However, in black and white - which the logo needs to work in, looks too much like a tattoo, rather than latte art. 

The final version is the tree/leaf. It has been image traced directly from the top of a latte, I've done this to incorporate some of the texture into the symbol. Rather than having it completely flat, like the two above. It's unisex and it would work on a small scale, as it would retain it's overall shape.

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